Paul Crawford, the owner has 35+ years of designing transmissions, transaxles and gearboxes for the Lawn & Garden, Leisure Vehicle and Utility Vehicle markets. Working for J. B. Foote Foundry Co., Dana Corp, and MTD Products Inc., PT Tech LLC as a Designer, Project Engineer, Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager – Drive Systems, and Staff Engineer. Paul has designed and developed drives from fractional horsepower to 900 horsepower, with product life ranging from 150 hours to 10,000 hours. Many of these drives contained sintered metal/powder metal gears, several others contained wrought steel, bronze, and plastic gears.

Paul has also worked with industry associations such as AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), CPMT (Center for Powder Metal Technology), and APMI International, and is a Certified PMT. As a member of AGMA, Paul has served on the Powder Metallurgy Committee for almost 20 years and is the current chair. Paul also has design extensive experience with screw machine, die casting, cold heading and injection molding.


Gear Pair Design:
Design a pair of gears and supply, 2D files in .dxf format, 3D files in STEP, .dxf, or SOLIDWORKS® part files.

Sintered Metal/Powder Metal Component Design:
Design components for sintered metal manufacturing to reduce cost and weight, and to combine components when possible.

Gear Train Design:
Design complete gear trains, transmissions for your product with drawings, CAD files and supporting documentation.

Design Review of Customer Concepts:
We will review your design for manufacturability, gear train analysis, dimensional stack-ups and cost reduction opportunities.

Failure Analysis of Existing Components:
If you are having part failures in your existing design, we can help determine the root cause.

Assisting in Prototype Development:
We have extensive experience in sourcing prototype components, and assembly of first builds.

Liaison between you and you suppliers:
For over 35 years we have worked with many high-volume producers of sintered metal, screw machine, die cast and injection molded components, as well as standard components.

Light manufacturing:
Small lathe and mill work. 3D printing.

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